Savage-Rumbugh psychology

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  • Savage- Rumbaugh
    • Kanzi, Mulika pgymy chimps 4&3 not trained to use lexigram
      • Born in Yerkes Regional Primate reserch centre
    • COMMUNIC-ATION  lexigram geometric symbols the brighten when when touched dont look like word being described.     Gestures 100 American sign language.
    • outdoor laminated lexigram 'pointing board' no speech synthesier
    • Austin& Sherman 9&10 common chimps  no outdoor board can't point. Trained to use lexigram
    • food spread across 55acre land 17 named locations. Everyday tasks+ human companion.
    • Data recorded  & coded 17 months, symbol production appropriate, appear spontaneous 9/10 followed by correct behaviour 9/10.
    • Controls- 4.5hr recording, researcher 37 video researcher 46, 37 100% agreement
    • Testing- shown photos asked to select correct on lexigram & listening to work or synthesised version to select photo. 20-40 used each session.


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