How Satisfied were the Big Three with the Treaty of Versailles

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  • Satisfaction with the Treaty of Versailles
    • France
    • Usa
    • Britain
  • Happy that they got Alscace-Lorraine back
  • Happy about the war guilt clause
  • The demilitarization of the Rhineland
  • Central Germany wasn't broken up- could pose a future threat
  • Wanted higher reparations
  • Wanted the Saar Coalfield for themselves
  • The development of the League of Nations
  • Pleased with self determination in some countries
  • Didn't like how high the reparations were
  • Unhappy with the war guilt clause
  • Displeased with the failure of disarmament
  • Pleased with the reduction of the German navy
  • The colonies taken from Germany helped to strengthen the British empire
  • Feared revenge from the Germans because of high reparations
  • Happy that central Germany wasn't broken up because they could quickly rebuild trade


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