Satellite States and the Iron Curtain

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  • Satellite States and Iron Curtain
    • Telegrams 1946
      • start of period with high tension
        • caused many secret telegrams ordered from their ambassadors
          • stated their attitudes
      • Kennan's Long telegram told Stalin
        • called for a destruction of capitalism
        • USSR building military
        • no peace in USSR while opposed capitalism
      • Novikov's telegram to Stalin
        • US wanted to dominate the world
        • US public prepared for war
        • US gov. didn't want to cooperate with the USSR
    • Satellite States
      • a country officially independent but is really controlled by another country
        • Stalin created them as buffer zone and to stop 'dollar imperialism'
      • USSR kept control
        • each state communist leader
        • using police and army to stop opposition
        • making economies dependent on USSR
        • having an atmosphere of fear and destruction
      • Hungary
        • communist party not enough seats in free elections in 1945
        • Com. party came to power in 1947 by "free elections" - intimidation
      • Poland
        • com. in power in 1947
        • invited 16 non-com. leaders to Moscow and arrested them.
        • thousand non- com. arrested
      • Czechoslovakia
        • in free election 1945, coalition of left wing in power
        • 1946, most gov. com.
        • 1948 used army to imprison any non-com.
    • Cominform 1947
      • international organisation that brought all parties under USSR control
      • Eastern European countries didn't receive Marshal Aid
        • Protests took  place
      • ensured loyalty amongst all E. Europe countries
    • Comecon 1949
      • Stalins response to Marshal Plan
      • aim to encourage economic development
      • prevented trade with Eastern Europe
        • minimise USA influence in East
    • Churchills Iron Curtain Speech
      • 5th March 1946
      • warned against the expansion of the USSR
      • "iron curtain" separating east and west. clear divide between communism and capitalism


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