Sassoon's declaration against the war analysis

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  • Sassoon's 'Statement against the continuation of the War'
    • I believe I may help to destroy the callous complacence
      • alliteration
      • last paragraph
      • connotations = callous = hardened by war's continuation
      • connotations = complacence = authority figures are self-satisfied with war continuing
    • I entered a war of defence and liberation, now a war of aggression and conquest
      • declarative sentence
      • uses contrasting imagery
      • bold diction
      • 37 syllables = shows passion
    • form
      • public statement
      • clear and make a point
      • an open letter of protest
      • intended audience = the war department
    • Sassoon received a Military Cross for bringing back a wounded soldier during heavy fire
    • Bertrand Russell urged the letter to be read in the House of Commons
    • Sassoon expected to be court martialled for his protest
      • authorities saw this possibility as out of the question, due to publicity that would follow
    • Poet Robert Graves intervened, arguing that Sassoon was too ill to face punishment
      • Persuaded Sassoon to "drop this anti-war business" as war would go on until one side surrendered
    • Sassoon hospitalised in 1917 at Craiglockhart Hospital
    • Written in 1917


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