S&P L7-9 (UK GOVT)

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  • UK Government
    • Pensions
      • The point at which people can draw their state pension is rising.
      • Some of the poorest members of society are those who rely on the state pension.
      • Disproportionate number of these people living in inner cities which contributes to high levels of multiple deprivation in these areas.
      • Large numbers of people retiring now have occupational pensions, own their own homes outright and have benefited from increase in house values.
    • Healthcare
      • Provision of healthcare varies - inner cities and rural areas may be short of GPs.
      • Language and cultural barriers and the role of women has been obstacles to recently arrived migrants.
      • Literature is produced in many languages to educate and inform.
      • The NHS is 'free at the point of delivery' - people pay the NHS through the taxation system.
    • Rural services
      • Support of rural areas in planing is the key settlement policy.
      • As personal mobility has improved, rural residents no longer have to rely on the nearest services.
      • Education, healthcare, employment and housing have been concentrated in large villages and small towns.
      • Combine trips for employment and shopping and access a range of services in retail parks on the outskirts of town.


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