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  • Birmingham regeneration
    • Role of government
      • Local government are vital in promoting change.
      • Attracting inward investment and bringing NEC and expansion of the airport.
      • City challenge and single regeneration budget.
      • City council has a European international affairs team who promote Birmingham beyond the UK and gain EU funding.
      • £235 million secured from the EU social investment fund 2015-2020.
      • European Regional Development Fund.
    • Planning and flagship developments
      • Planning has been very important - catalyst for socio-economic changes.
      • NEC attracts large sporting events - 2003 world indoor athletic championship.
      • Inrernation convention centre (Barlcay card centre) and Symphony Hall, 1991.
      • Centenary Square, Victoria Square.
    • Universities
      • Combined population of students - 50,000.
      • Contributes to cities youthful demographic profile.
      • Bring significant wealth to the areas.
      • Students bring a host of goods and services to the area.
    • City centre
      • Pedestrianised streets.
      • High quality street furniture and trees.
      • Canals and environment playing a key role in economic revitalisation (Canal and River Trust).
      • Regeneration of Gas street basin and Brindley place.
    • Role of transport
      • New street railway station undergone £700 million investment.
      • Shops, cafes and restaurants have created 1000 jobs.
      • Scrapped the tram system but light railway has made a comeback.
      • The midland metro links Birmingham to places such as west Bromwich and Wolverhampton.
      • HS2
        • Flagship transport development.
        • £20 billion phase 1 links to London - is in early planning stages.
        • Involved TNCs, banks, major engineering local community groups.
        • Should stimulate employment growth.
      • Roads
        • West Midlands motorway network.
        • M6 links to M1 in the east. M4 links to the M40.
        • M42 provides a ring road from the SW to SE of the city.
        • Birmingham toll road helps ease congestion on the M6.
    • Birmingham Development Plan
      • Guides decisions on development and regeneration in the city.
      • New homes, jobs, services and infrastructure.
      • Rise of tertiary and quaternary sectors.


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