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  • Northwood, Irvine, California
    • Background
      • Developed as a fully planned city, beginning in the 1960s.
      • Designed around a series of 'villages', of which Northwood is one.
      • "Create and maintain a community where people can live, work and play in an environment which is safe, vibrant and aesthetically pleasing.
      • Around 21,000 people inhabit just over 2000 households.
      • It is a classic edge city.
      • 1/3 of households have children at a school age.
    • Employment
      • Average income $86,500 per year.
      • Access to employment is good. University of California is a major employer.
      • Well established high tech companies (Blizzard) and medical and aerospace firms.
      • Several TNCs based here, including Kia, Mazda and Toshiba.
    • Healthcare
      • Excellent healthcare to the highest standards of an AC.
      • Air pollution is low as it is located away from smog common in places towards the centre of LA.
    • Education
      • Among the best schools in the US.
      • Educational standards of residents is very high - 68.5% of residents have a degree, 20.5% have a masters or doctorate.
      • 5 high schools, 3 tertiary providers.
    • Crime rate
      • 70% lower than the national average.
      • Safer than 96% of Californian cities.
      • Violent crime: 50/100,000 people compared with 366/100,000 nationally.
      • Vehicle theft: 52/100,000 people compared to 220/100,000 nationally.
    • Ethnic background
      • Around 50% are white.
      • Second most numerous group is Asian, mainly from Vietnam.
      • After the Vietnamese war, many Vietnamese migrated to the US.
    • Housing
      • Characterized by single family houses on large plots of land.
      • Most streets are lined with Eucalyptus trees which is a legacy of the windbreaks established when the land was farm land.
      • 91% of homes are owned.
      • Average household size is 2.8.
    • The future?
      • Regularly features among the most highly ranked cities in the US for factors such as safety, management and best place to live.
      • During economic down, it retains its reputation for high paid employment.
      • High quality housing, transport infrastructure, education, retail and Mediterranean climate, it is a very attractive place to live.
      • Represents the opposite end of the economic spectrum to Jembatan Besi.


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