S&P L1-3 - Places (TOXTETH)

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  • Toxteth
    • Pre-industrial revolution
      • Saxons established a settlement which was shown in the Domesday book 1086.
      • King John took control in the 13th Century when it became a royal hunting forest and fenced off for 300 years.
        • Opened up for farming at the end of the 16th Century.
      • Small scale industry was a growing characteristic making use of water power from the dammed stream.
    • Industrial revolution
      • A more industrial and urban nature - forges, copper works (1772) and ceramics factory.
      • The river bank became associated with ship building and associated industries.
      • Residential developments grew with the industrial growth.
      • Part of Toxteth was given over to greenfield for the growing middle class.
    • 19th Century
      • Very cheap and poorly constructed housing.
        • Built back to back. Court dwellings.
      • Typhoid and cholera were common.
      • Terraced housing spread for families of dock and industry workers.
      • Exodus of middle class as they relocated to greenfield sites.
      • Over a period of 150 years, Toxteth had changed from small and rural to an inner city suburb.


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