Samuel & Bryant : Summary

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  • Samuel & Bryant: Conservation in Children
    • Aims
      • To challenge the methodology used by Piaget by asking only 1 question in the conservation task
    • Method
      • 252 children aged between 5 and 8 1/2 took part in 1 of 3 conditions; standard, one-question & fixed-array.
      • P completed  4 trial of their condition wit each of 3 materials, making judgement on no, m, and v.
      • Researchers recorded the no of errors made by each child across each condition
    • Results
      • C made fewest errors in the 1-question con, compared to other conds.
      • Older C performed significantly better than youngers.
      • P made fewest errors when judging no, compared to other materials
    • Conclusions
      • The ability to conserve develops as C grow older.
      • Children make more errors when asked questions twice in the conservation task


Jack Betts


what does the C and P's stand for??

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