Samuel and Bryant 

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  • Samuel and Bryant
    • Aim
      • Whether children under the age of 7 and 8 had the ability to conserve
    • Participants
      • 252 boys and girls from Credition Davon, nursery and primary schools
        • split into 4 age groups 5y3m, 6y3m, 7y3, 8y3m
          • Split into 3 sub groups standard, one judgement, fixed array
    • Method
      • Independent measures
      • Lab experiment
    • Procedure
      • Fixed array
        • Not shown pre transformation and only asked post transformation question
      • One judgment
        • Only asked post transformation question
      • Standard
        • Ask pre and post transformation question
      • Each child did 4 trails for each material (volume, mass, number)
    • Results
      • One judgement made less mistakes than fixed array and standard across all materials
      • Older children did consistently better than young children
      • Children made fewer errors on the number task
    • Conclusion
      • Standard question confused children
        • made more errors than one judgement


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