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  • Samsara
    • literally means 'wandering on'
      • Sanskrit = round and round
        • Cyclical process continued through human tendency to attach to material things and life
    • measured in kalpas and eons (vast)
      • Abstract concept with no empirical proof
      • Flame of one candle lighting another
    • Wheel of life = six realms and twelve links
      • 3 good realms, 3 bad realms
        • No known origination / beginning of Samsara
      • Human realm = best
        • P Harvey = 'a marvellous opportunity for spiritual development'
      • 12 links/niddanas forms outer circle
        • Paticca Samuppada / Dependent Origination
          • Craving and Karma = constant rebirth
    • Three Mental Poisons at the centre of wheel
      • Causes of rebirth
    • Bopdhisattva = one whos essence is enlightenment
      • Delay their own enlightenment to help others achieve it
    • Wheel turned by Yamma - Lord of Death
      • Karma determines path of Samsara


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