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  • Sampling
    • random sampling
      • lottery method/random number generator - everyone has an equal chance of getting picked
      • advantage: unbiased, everyone in target population has equal chance of getting picked
      • disadvantage: need list of all members of target population, need to contact those selected, takes more time
    • stratified and quota
      • subgroups within target population are identified, participants selected from each group in proportion to appearance in target population
        • quota - not random
        • stratified - random
      • advantages: more representative proportional representation of population
      • disadvantage: time consuming
    • opportunity sampling
      • recruiting people who are most convenient and available eg) students in your class
      • advantage: easy, takes less time
      • disadvantage: biased, not representative, only includes small amount of target population
    • systematic sampling
      • predetermined system to select participants eg) every 5th person
      • advantage: unbiased, objective system used
      • disadvantage: nit truly unbiased - would have to use random number method, start with that person and then select every nth person
    • snowball sample
      • participants recruit other participants from people they know. group grows like a snowball
      • advantages: locate groups that are difficult to access eg) drug dealers
      • disadvantage: not representative, not a good cross section of population, made up of family and friends
    • self selected
      • advertised in newspaper/ noticeboard/ internet
      • advantages: access to variety of participants, less biased, more representative
      • disadvantage: volunteer bias - participants motivated to be helpful


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