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  • Sampling
    • Stratified Sampling
      • This involves picking people from different groups within the population
        • Strengths
          • The sample will be representative and give the point of view of all the different groups in the population
      • Weaknesses
        • It is more time-consuming to select the sample than other sampling methods
    • Random Sampling
      • The sample is selected by picking names out of a hat etc.(or with a computer) - like the national lottery balls
      • Strengths
        • There is no researcher bias in who is selected and everyone has an equal chance of being selected
        • It is quick and easy to do
      • Weaknesses
        • The sample might be all the same sort of person (e.g. too many males) so it will not be representative of the whole population
    • Quota Sampling
      • The researcher picks participants until they have the number they need
      • Strengths
        • It is quick and easy way to select the right sort of people for the research
      • Weaknesses
        • The sample is likely to be biased because the researcher is choosing the participants
    • Systematic Sampling
      • The researcher uses a system to pick the participants (e.g. every 10th person in the register etc.)
      • Strengths
        • The participants will be a cross-section of the population, so will hopefully be representative
      • Weaknesses
        • Only the people on the register stand a chance of being selected
    • Snowball Samping
      • The researcher selects one person, then asks them to put them in touch with other people, etc.
        • Strengths
          • Useful for researching hard to contact groups (e.g. gangs)
        • Weaknesses
          • Very time consuming, so only small samples are used and the results are not generalised


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