Samba el preludio

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  • samba el preludio
    • Melody
      • 2 main melodic ideas (A and B)
        • A is heard in verse 1
        • B is heard in verse 2
        • They are heard at the same time in bars 89-104
        • Voice sings melodic idea B
        • bass plays melodic idea A
    • Rhythm
      • Free tempo in B1-3
      • slow tempo in verse 1 ( with lots of rubato)
      • Faster tempo in B19 (bossa nova)
      • free tempo returns at B114
      • quadruple time (4/4)
      • complex rhythms in verse 1 ( very syncopated)
      • longer note values in verse 2 ( with less syncopation)
      • Lots of triplets and rests
      • Bass guitar from B23 uses standard bossa nova rhythm
    • Texture
      • But is often the bass guitar part is very melodic
      • Most of the song is homophonic ( melody and accompaniment)
        • vocal part is the melody, bass guitar is the accompaniment
      • polyphonic at B89-104
      • Introduction is monophonic (except for a few double stops)
    • Genre
      • Written by esperanza Spalding in 2008
      • Fusion of samba and jazz to create bossa nova - quite slow, lyrical,minor key
      • lyrics in portuguese
      • Title samba is not very appropriate because it is slow and monor, where as samba is usually lively. This is also has no percussion
      • Title preludio is appropriate because a prelude is usually slow, improvisatory style piece
    • Harmony
      • Tonal
      • The chords are based around i,ii,iv,and v
      • some cadences (usually imperfect at the end of sections, some perfect eg B52-3)
      • Chromatic descending chord progressions used (B30-8)
      • Many extended chords :influenced by jazzy harmony
    • Tonality
      • Key is B minor
      • Minor key is typical for bossa nova
      • The song does not modulate
    • Structure
      • No clearly defined structure  - could be described as verse form
      • Into - Verse 1 - Link - Verse 2 - Guitar solo - Voice and bass duet- Coda


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