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  • Samba
    • Instruments (Mainly Percussion)
      • Tambourim
        • Loud and plays off-beat rhythms
      • Caixa
        • Plays constant patterns
      • Ganza
        • Plays a simple beat (doesn't change ostinatos)
      • Agogo Bells
        • The bigger bell is a lower pitch
        • The smaller bell is a higher pitch
      • Surdo
        • Three pitches (High, Medium, and Low)
      • Sometimes has a trumpet
      • Repinique (whistle)
        • The leader will have one to indicate when the rhythms will change and to get the attention of the players
    • has influences from African drumming
    • loud dynamics
    • upbeat
    • 4/4 or 2/4 rhythm
    • Originates from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
    • no improvisation
    • not melodic
    • a series of ostinatos
    • polyrhythmic
    • features call-and-response
    • midsections is where instruments change their osinatos
    • played at carnivals and festivals
    • major key
    • syncopated rhythms


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