salt marshes

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  • Salt Marshes
    • Mudflats; deposition of fine material, aided by eel grass
    • Pioneers: plants become tolerant to salt and periodic submergence
      • Known as halophytes: spartina
        • spartina: two root systems - fine mat of surface rootsto bind mud - long, thick, deep roots= allows them to become dominant vegitation
    • Pioneers develop close vegitation over mud allowing colonisation
      • growth of vegetation = slows tidal currents
        • ability to trap particles
          • more silt and mud accumulation
    • As mud levels rise
      • creek system develop that channel tides + deepen as marshes become higher
      • Hollows may form where sea water becomes trapped ad evaporates
        • leaves salt pans = great for plants survival
    • Land above sea-level
      • allows rushes and reeds to become established
        • leads to growth of trees: alder, ash then oak


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