SALT I Treaty

A mindmap detailing the first of the 2 SALT treaties which was finalised in May 1972.

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  • SALT I
    • Negotiations began in 1969 and were finished in May 1972
    • Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty
      • Both sides limited to only two fields of anti-ballistic missiles
        • Each field was limited to 100 missiles
      • ABM's value was significantly reduced
      • Recognition of the others destructive power
    • Interim Agreement on measures with Respect to Strategic Offensive Weapons
      • ICBMs reduced for both sides
      • Submarine launched ballistic missiles reduced for both sides
      • Strategic bombers for both sides reduced
      • Treaty designed to last for 5 years
    • Seen as catalyst for détente
    • Opportunity missed to restrict in development weapons
      • Agreement for more development of the treaty at SALT II


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