Salt extraction

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  • Salt
    • Sea Salt
      • The sea water flows into specially built shallow pools
        • It's left to evaporate in the sun, leaving the salt behind
          • This salt is 100% pure
        • This happens in hot countries like China
    • Rock salt
      • Rock salt is extracted through mining
      • It's drilled, blasted and dug out and brought to the surface using machinery
        • Most salt obtained through this type of mining is used on roads to stop ice forming
        • This salt can also be used to enhance the flavour in foods or for making chemicals
    • Solution Mining
      • In solution mining, water is injected into the salt deposit through the outer pipe
        • Which dissolves the salt to make a salt water solution called brine
          • Pressure forces the brine up to the surface through the inner pipe
            • The brine is then stored in wells above the surface and pumped to a refining plant when it's needed
              • Impurities are removed from the brine in the refining plant and it's then pumped into containers
                • The brine is then boiled to make the water evaporate


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