The Salsa

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  • Salsa
    • Metre, Rhythm and Tempo
      • 4/4 Time signature
      • Highly syncopated
      • Clave Rhythm - a two bar ostinato.There are two versions called (2:3 and 3:2)
    • Melody
      • Major Key
      • Syncopated
      • Doubled in parallel 3rds or 6ths
      • Lyrics in Spanish
      • Call and response in the chorus between the pregón or sonero (lead singer) and the choro (chorus)
    • Structure
      • Verse-Chorus form
      • Laid back instrumental introduction
      • A number of verses
      • Chorus featuring improvisation and call-and-response.
    • Instru-mentation
      • Claves : two wooden sticks for the clave rhythm
      • Cowbell : a metal bell hit with a stick
      • Timbales : a pair of small single headed drums, played with the hands.
      • Congas : a pair of long, single headed drums (played with the hands)
      • Güiro : a gourd (similar to a maraca) that is scraped with a stick.
      • Brass, piano and voice are non percussion instruments
    • Key Features
      • Date of origin : 1960s and 1970s
      • Place of Origin : New York (America)
      • Famous Performers : Celia Cruz (singer), Eddie Palmieri (pianist), Tito Puente (Drummer) and The Fania All-Stars (a salsa group)
      • Dance Steps : Paired dance with loose embrace. Forwards and backwards or side to side steps. Spins and turns.


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