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  • Salsa
    • Date and Place: 1960/70s New York
    • Rhythm, Metre and Tempo
      • 4/4 time
      • Highly syncopated
      • Clave ( most important rhythm) Repeated as 2 bar ostinato
      • Rhythm is played by claves - two wooden sticks
    • Performers: Celia Cruz and Eddie Palmier
    • Dance Steps: Paired dance couples hold each other loosly and step forwards and backwards or sideways and back. spins and turns can be added
    • Melody
      • Major key and syncopated
      • Doubled in parallel 3rds or 5ths
      • Spanish lyrics
      • Call and response
    • Structure
      • Verse - Chorus form
      • Instrumental introduction
      • Number of verses
      • Chorus including improvisation and call and response
    • Instrumentation
      • Claves: Wooden sticks
      • Cow Bells: metal bells hit with a stick
      • Timbales: Pair of small single headed drums
      • Congars: Pair of long single headed drums
      • Guiro: A gourd that is scraped with a stick


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