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  • Salmonella
    • Symptoms
      • Symptoms normally take 12-48hrs to develop and may include fever, diarrhoea, vomiting and abdominal pain
      • Symptoms usually last for 4-7 days an clear up without treatment, however treatment may be required for dehydration
      • Young people, the elderly and people whose immune systems are not working properly have a greater risk of becoming seriously ill
    • Food Sources
      • Poultry
      • Raw Meat
      • Eggs
      • Unpasteurised milk
      • Raw, unwashed vegetables
    • Method of control
      • Keep raw food away from cooked and ready-to-eat foods
      • Ensure chicken and other meats are thoroughly cooked until piping hot in the centre to above 63*C
      • Wash hands after handling raw chicken or other raw meats
      • If suffering from food poisoning, do not handle food until 48hrs after symptoms have stopped
    • Salmonella bacteria are destroyed through cooking and pasteurisation


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