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  • Salmonella
    • Symptoms
      • Gastroenteritis
        • Diarrhoea
        • Stomach Cramps
        • Fever
        • Vomiting
      • Usually 12-72 hours after infection
      • Dehydration due to loss of water and salts in faeces and vomiting
      • Spread of infection to bloodstream, bones, spinal cord and gallbladder
      • Persistent diarrhoea
      • Irritable Bowel Syndrom
    • Sources
      • Gut of pets, wild and farm animals
      • Poultry
      • Undercooked meat or dairy products contaminated with salmonella
      • Raw or undercooked eggs.
      • Tortoises and terrapins are carriers
      • Fruit and vegetables contaminated with manure
      • Shellfish in contact with infected sewage in water
    • Prevention
      • Raw fruit and veg should be washed.
      • Unsafe water shouldn't be drunk, including ice cubes
      • Milk should be pasteurised and raw eggs avoided
      • Cook thoroughly to core temp 75C. Do not reheat more than once
      • Chill foods in fridge between 0-5C
      • Avoid cross contamination


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