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  • Reasons for the Salem Witch Trials
    • Two afflicted girls.
      • Conversion Disorder
        • Dr. Robert Bartholomewstates that the Salem witch trials were “undoubtedl”a case of conversion disorder.
        • Professor Emerson  W.Baker  believes that the conversion disorder has strong connections to King Williams war whihc caused the hysteria.
          • Post-traumatic stress disorders syndromes.
        • Post-traumatic stress disorders syndromes.
    • Ergot Poisoning
      • Fungus that infects rye and cereal grains.
      • Causes : convulsions , vomiting , crawling sensation of the skin and hallucinations.
    • Cold weather Theory
      • Witch hunts in general occur more frequently during cold periods.
      • Increasing in crop failures. Massachusetts was the importer of corn, wheat and other cereal crops.
    • Fractionalis, Politics, Socio-Economics.
      • Disagreements between villagers . Salem Vilage had gone through three ministers in sixteen years. (Samuel Parris)
    • Reverend Samuel Parris (Fraud)
      • People believed that he lied during the trials to punish his critics and dissenters.
      • Strongly religious.Preached that the preservation of the church was worth more than 100 lives.
      • Paul Boyer believes that he played a significant role in the trials. He believes he did not start the trials intentionally and actually tried to reason peoples fears. Christ and Satan.
    • Folk Magic
      • Belief in magic that solves problems and uses spells and potions as cures. Frowned upon the Puritans.
      • John Hale. In his book “A Mdest Inquiry Into the Nature of Witchcraft” showed his belief that even folk magic (predicting the future) can get you bonded with Satan.
        • Cotton Mather blamed folk magic for the cause of the trials.


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