Sale of Goods

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  • Sale of Goods Act 1979
    • S.13
      • There is an implied condition that goods sold by sample/description must correspond to the sample / descr.
      • Beale v Taylor
        • Car didn't match description, so there was a breach
    • S.14(2)
      • Bartlett v Sidney Marcus
        • Bought car, told clutch needed repairing, more work than anticipated, but no breach as still usable and to be expected
      • Implied condition of satis. quality
        • - Fit for purpose
        • Safety and durability
        • Free from minor defects
        • Appearance and finish
    • S.14(3)
      • Exceptions
        • Doesn't apply if buyer doesn't rely on or is unreasonable to rely on sellers judgement
      • Griffiths v Peter Conway
        • Buyer didn't make know to seller of previous condition affecting purpose, so no breach
      • Goods must be fit for purpose, if the buyer impliedly or expressly makes known to the seller a purpose


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