Salami Tactics

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  • Salami Tactics
    • Poland: A coalition government took power in 1945 but Stalin arrested all the non-communists and forced the other non-communists into exile by 1947.
    • Czechoslovakia: A left wing coalition was elected in 1945 but by 1948 the communists had banned all other parties and killed/imprisoned their leaders
    • Hungary: A communist government was elected in 1945 and its leader Rakosi used the secret police to remove all his opponents by 1947.
    • Romania: A left wing coalition was elected in 1945. By 1947 the communists had taken control.
    • Bulgaria: A left wing coalition gained power in 1945. The communists then executed leaders of all the other parties.
    • Greece: Communist guerillas were fighting to depose the monarchy
    • Albania: Communists took power in 1945 without any opposition.
    • Yugoslavia: In 1945 the communists took power under Marshall Tito but he split with the USSR in 1948.
    • Italy and France: There was a strong communist party which belonged to Cominform and had plans to take over the government
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