Sagae Thessalae Background

Background on Sagae Thessale, sorry if there are any missing gs because that key is sticking on my computer.

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  • Sagae Thessalae Background
    • Context
      • Apuleius AD125 (Author)
        • Accused of using magic to seduce his wealthy wife
        • ***ociated with magic
        • Well Educated, including in speech writing
      • Section of The  Golden ***
        • Tale of Lucius, a young Greek who is curious about witchcraft leading him to Thessaly
        • After this tale Lucius is turned into an *** by witches
        • Lucius is being told this account by a guest at a dinner party, Thelyphron
      • Thessaly
        • Famous for witchcraft
        • Region in Northern Greece
        • Story set in Larissa
    • Characters
      • Lucius
        • Narrator of The Golden *** to whom the story is being told
      • Thelyphron
        • Narrator of this story, from Miletus
      • senex 1
        • Old man whom Thelyphron meets in the forum at Larissa and is looking for someone to guard the dead
      • praetereuns
        • bystander who tells Thelphron to be quiet and informs him about the witches
      • matrona
        • Young widow of Thelyphron
      • senex 2
        • Uncle of the dead man
      • Zatchlas
        • A famous Eygptian prophet
      • sagae
        • Thessalian witches
      • Thelyphron
        • A young man who has recently died and shares the same name as our narrator


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