Safety In A Food Kitchen

A small , colourful mindmap to show the hygiene and safty rules of a kitchen .

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  • Safety In The Food Room
    • Safety Rules
      • Always turn off all electricals before and after use
      • When washing sharp objects dont leave them to soak
      • Avoid reaching over a stovetop
        • When carring sharp objects , put the sharpest point facing downwards
      • Keep appliance cords short as possible and away from liquids
      • Turn all pot and pans handles inwards
      • Store all knifes in a wooden block or a draw
      • Tie all hair back , wear a clean apron and make sure all jewellry is taken off
      • Make sure all walking areas are clear so that you do not trip on hot food , walk not run !
    • Hygiene Rules
      • Dont leave any food out on counters , they should go in the fridge
      • Wash all surfaces , hands and food before you start to cook
      • Dont lick your fingers at anytime whilst the food rom
      • Seperate all fish,meat and poultry from other foods in the fridge
      • Wash your hands after touching foods that are raw
      • Do not cough whilst preparing food to prevent bacteria
      • Cover all open wounds with a blue plaster so it is highly visible
      • Wash and dry all equipment properly


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