Safety Margins

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  • Safety Margins
    • Travelling downhill
      • Selecting a lower gear, braking gently
    • Don't coast- reduces control
    • Weather Conditions
      • Only travel if it's necessary
      • Clear ice, snow from windows, lights, mirrors and plate
      • Use highest gear you can, brake gently in plenty of time, windscreen must be clear
      • FOGGY: More time for journey, slow down, increase gap
        • Use dipped headlights if visibility is less than 100 metres- fog lights too
      • If car is out of control on water/ice- ease off accelerator, don't break until steering feels normal
      • If driven through deep water: test brakes- dry out by pressing lightly on foot pedal
      • Hot weather: surface= soft= breaking/steering effected
      • Pass wide In winds
    • Contraflow system
      • Close to oncoming traffic
        • Reduce speed in good time, choose appropriate lane in good time, keep correct separation distance


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