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  • Safe Use of Kitchen Appliances
    • Electrical Appliances
      • Equipment must be serviced, checked regularly and PAT tested.
      • Only trained staff should use the equipment.
      • Make sure you know how to operate equipment - read instructions first.
      • Flexes should not be frayed or split/cable not worn.
      • Do not use appliance, touch plugs or sockets with wet hands.
      • All electrical equipment must be positioned safely - do not use near water etc.
      • Always have a fire blanket or the correct fire extinguisher near to fryers.
      • Do not immerse in water when washing up.
      • Always switch the machine off after use and during cleaning.
      • Do not overload the sockets.
      • Make sure there are no trailing flexes - use cable ties.
    • How to deal with a small Deep Fat Fryer that has caught alight.
      • Switch off the heat source, ventilation and extraction.
      • Exclude air - use a fire blanket, tray, lid or fire extinguisher.
      • Vacate the building, check everyone is safe, take a register.
      • Raise the alarm.
      • Close all doors and windows.
      • Don't panic, keep calm.
      • Record the incident.
      • Call the fire brigade and (if need be) call 999.
    • Deep Fat Fryer
      • Never fill pan more than 3/4 full
      • Dry food thoroughly before frying.
      • Do not fry too much food at once.
      • Never 'throw' food into the fat - lower in gently using a basket or spider.
      • Normal frying temperature is between 175 degrees  C and 195 degrees C.
      • Burns caused by hot fat are extremely serious so medical aid must be sought immediately.
      • Allow fat to recover its heat before adding more food.
      • Wear protective clothing.
      • Have a lid ready for safety.
      • Never leave unattended.
      • Stand back if foods are liable to spit.
      • Have frying basket and spider (like a large draining spoon) to hand for safety.




Hello Rococo! I find your work of fitting kitchen appliance safety for great. I myself am a part of the fantastic kitchen fitters in London and I have an ongoing project with my child (a first grader), about safety at home and what I do. I would like to ask if I could include parts of your presentation like the major pros, cons, tips and advice on fitting kitchen appliances the safe way? I tried to look up more information, but there was not much in your profile. I am about to do a small show and tell with a class of children, explaining what are the basic handyman tools we use to assemble and montage the kitchens moms love. I will try to explain how I do custom kitchens design and basic safety precautions, and your presentation will really be of amazing use. I really hope I could get in touch in the following two weeks. It will be a really fun presentation. Cheers

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