Hindu Sacred Writings

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  • Sacred Writing
    • The Vedas and The Upanishads
      • There are 4 Vedas e.g. The Rig Veda
      • Veda means 'knowledge'
      • Are the oldest books known, the final versions were written down 2-3000 years ago
      • Written over 2000 years ago
      • Upanishads means 'sitting down near your teachers'.
      • The teachings were given by Hindu holy men along time ago
      • Main Teachings: Brahman (the super spirit), Karma (every action has an effect) and the Soul
      • The Soul is internal (can not be destroyed), it survives when you die
    • The Mahabharata
      • It is an epic poem written 3000 years ago, The Bhagavad Gita is the most important part of the Mahabharata,but is seen as its own book
      • The main story of the book is concerns 2 fighting families, the good family the Pandavas and the evil family the Kauravas. The story refers to many different human emotions. The most important message from the book is that 'Good always overcomes Evil'.
    • The Ramayana
      • Rama is an ideal man and king, he is honest,trustworthy and loyal, he is considered as the 7th Avatar of Vishnu to come to Earth, Gods are not expected to be perfect, Sita is the ideal wife who is devoted to her husband
      • Lakshman is the ideal brother who gives up living in a place and is prepared to liv|e in the forest out of loyalty to his brother, in the end Sita's protestation of innocence are shown to be justified. Rama was a loyal son to his father
      • It was originally an epic poem, it is final form being written about 300BCE, it was written in Sanskrit by a holy man called Valmiki, Rama and Sita are the main charters
    • Shruti: "that which is heard" from the Gods} most important - Vedas + Upanishads
    • Smriti: "that which is remembered" by ancient holy men


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