Schwartz defying gravity

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  • S Schwartz- Defying Gravity
    • Performing forces and their handling
      • duet for Elphaba and Glinda, some spoken dialogue and mostly singing
      • uses large orchestra
      • brass section, homophonic chordal music, fanfare like manner
      • strings use tremolo effect to add tension
      • cymbal roll adds excitement
    • Melody
      • text setting is syllabic, rhythms moving in a speech-like manner
      • melody starts in a conjunct manner
      • vocalisation
      • verse and chorus combine conjunct and wide angular leaps
    • Structure
      • verse-chorus form
      • within the structure, multiple sections which are defined by tempo, contrasting moods and melodic material
    • Texture
      • sparse texture, punctuating instrumental chords
      • melody dominated homophony
      • homophonic chordal moments
      • ostinato accompaniment with repeated semi-quavers
      • sing separately but sometimes in uison or in armony
      • contrapuntal ending, different musical ideas and different endings
    • Tonality
      • opening is ambiguous with chromatic movements
      • D major
      • modulates regularly
    • Harmony
      • chords in root position
      • chord progressions are urelated
      • some dissonance created
      • pedal at the end
    • Tempo, metre and rhythm
      • numerous changes of tempo throughout
      • free tempo, andante, allegro, moderato and maestoso
      • 3/2 to 2/2 to 4/4
      • syncopation is frequent as are dotted rhythms
      • rhythms are predominantly crotchet and quaver based


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