Russo-Japanese War; causes, outline, results etc,

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  • Background to the war
    • Russo- Japanese War
      • Reasons why Russia went to war with Japan
        • Commercial opportunities in the far east for industrialization.
        • Russia was suffering from an economic depression. Nicholas believed the war would bring the people together through patriotism.
      • Reasons for the Russian Defeat
        • Japan won.  They surrendered their lease on Port Arthur and its Liadong railway, gave to the japanese.
        • Japan had more modern weaponry and superior organisation
    • Both Russia and Japan wanted to expand into the decaying Chinese Empire
      • In 1989 the Chinese granted Russia a 25yr lease so that they could extend the Trans-Siberian railway.
        • This area which they would extend on (Port arthur) was previously owned by Japan, they regarded it as theirs.
        • WAR BROKE OUT:  Japanese attacked Port Arthur in attempt to drive out the Russians.
  • Jan 1904- Dec 1905 Japanese sieged port arthur.
    • April 1904: Russian Armies defeated heavily at Yalu River
  • May 1905:  24 out of 27 of the Russian ships were sunk off the coast of Japan.


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