Russia’s economic development

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  • Russia’s economic development
    • Trade
      • Russia did not have any warm water ports
        • No money made
      • Grain was the most important Russian export
    • Western Industrialisation
      • Britain started producing more pig iron than Russia
        • Austria produced more cast iron
          • Loss of money/trade
    • Underdeveloped industrialisation
      • Underdeveloped banking system
        • Difficult investment
      • Lacked a pool of labour for new industries
    • Transportation
      • Railway link between St Petersburg and Moscow was opened in 1851
        • Had way less railway links compared to the West
      • Lack of clear roads
        • Bad communication
      • Rivers were great except for when they froze over
  • Colour key: blue = features
    • Colour key: grey = potential problems


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