Russian Civil war 1917-21

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  • Russian Civil War : 1917-21
    • Whites
      • Bolsheviks opponents, including ex-Tsarists, and political parties who had been suppressed
      • Weaknesses
        • The various White armies fought as separate detachments
        • Weren't bound by a single aim
          • The various White armies fought as separate detachments
        • Unwilling to sacrifice individual interests
        • Russia's geography
        • Too reliant on foreign supplies
        • Lacked leaders like Trotsky
    • Reds
      • The Bolshevik army
      • Strengths
        • Controlled a central area of western Russia with good communication and supply lines
        • Kept hold of the administrative centers of Russia (Moscow + Petrograd)
        • Controlled the railway network
        • Held industrial areas, gave them access to munitions and resources
        • Trotsky
          • Abolished trade unions
            • Brought workers under the same discipline as the military
          • Tolerated no opposition from reds
            • Death sentence for desertion or disloyalty
          • Returned to pre-revolution ranking system
    • Greens
      • National minorities trying to get independence e.g. Czechs
      • Only wanted independence for particular regions meant they never formed a common challenge to the reds


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