Russia in 1900

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  • Geography
    • About 2 and a half times the size of the USA today
    • Sparsley populated
    • Russia in 1900
      • Society
        • Church taught that it was their duty to be totally obedient to the Tsar
        • Lower ranks of army largely filled by subscription (mainly peasants)
          • Acitve Service - putting down national uprisings + disturbances
        • Deeply ingrained prejudice about granting rights to the mass of people ("the dark masses")
          • Thought they could only be held in check through severe repression
      • Tsarist Rule
        • Russian Empire governed by tsar,
        • "Fundamental laws of the Empire"
          • Tsar must have absoloute rule - no restrictions on power
      • Economy
        • Russian economic development slow
        • Russia did not have effective banking system
        • Witte believed  modernisation could ony be achieved through state capitalism
          • Negotiated large loans and investment from abroad
            • High tax and high interest rates +limited import of foreign goods
              • Hope = create financial stability + encourage international investment in Russia


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