Rural rebranding: Eden project

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  • Rural rebranding: Eden project
    • opened in march 2001
      • contains over 5000 species of plants
      • located 4 miles north-east of st Austell
    • how has Eden been rebranded
      • 'destination tourism'
        • use the eden project to attract tourists and encourage the positive multiplier effect
        • individuals
          • Rick Stein opening his seafood  restaurant
      • two bio domes
        • containing over 100,00 plants
      • was a brownfield site that used to be a china clay mine
        • re-generation
      • events all year round to extent the tourist season
        • ice rink in the winter
        • fright night at Halloween
        • world pasty competition
    • evidence for success
      • 750,000 visitors each year
      • each visitor spend on average £150 in cornwall
      • employs 400 full time local staff
      • has reduced Cornwalls unemployment by 6%
      • positive multiplier effect
        • 80% of businesses say they have benefited from the Eden project
      • triple bottom line
        • every actions taken takes social equity, environmental stewardship and economic prosperity into control
          • increases Eden's sustainability
      • extended tourist season
      • the Eden project got permission in 2010 to build a geothermal electricity plant
        • would generate enough energy to supply Eden and 5000 other homes
          • renewable energy source
    • negatives about the scheme
      • increase in congestion
        • making journeys difficult for those on their way to work, also increase noise and air pollution
    • problems Eden faces
      • sustaining high numbers of tourists
      • increasing number of people arriving her by foot or bike to reduce the co2 levels caused by visitors getting here


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