Running Repairs-B5

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  • Running Repairs
    • Open heart surgery corrects holes in the heart
      • Unborn babies do not need a double circulatory system-hole in the heart usually closes at birth
      • Hole in the heart mixes oxygenated and deoxygenate-d blood-arterial blood carries less oxygen
    • Donors correct major heart problems
      • Heart assist devices-extra pressure, allow damaged muscle to recover
      • Rejection from transplants- immuno-suppressing drugs
    • Platelets- exposed to the air, complex chemical reactions, mesh of fibrin fibres (clot)
      • Agglutination-blood groups are incompatible
        • Agglutination in red blood cells react with blood plasma-transfusion endangers life
    • Damaged/ weak valves-lower blood pressure, blood leaks backwards
      • Coronary arteries reduce blood flow to the heart-bypassed from another part of the body
    • Warfarin, heparin, aspirin-prevent clotting
      • Blood does not clot-haemophilia


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