Rule Utilitarianism

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  • Rule Utilitarianism
    • Weak
      • The rules created can be broken in extreme situations, but only if the alternative best serves the principle of utility.
      • Advantages
        • Makes people think more seriously about their actions, as they still have some autonomy.
        • It is most likely to encourage the best outcome since in extreme situations different choices can still be made
      • Disadvantages
        • It is more easily manipulated, since the rules are not steadfast.
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    • Strong
      • The rules created are never to be broken, since following them is the most likely way to reach the best outcome.
      • Advantages
        • People have a good guide to lead them to the correct decisions (because of the past experience, and the prioritising of happiness.
        • It is less likely to be manipulated since people must follow the rules, which will go against immoral acts.
      • Disadvantages
        • There are no concessions in extreme situations where the rules may lead to bad outcomes
        • Still possible to exploit the minority, since the priority is still to produce as many herons as possible.
    • Based on past experiences and the principle of Utility.
      • "The greatest happiness for the greatest number."
      • E.g. 'do not murder' since this will likely get you sent to prison and upset many people.


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