Rubbish at Adultery by Sophie Hannah Analysis

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  • Rubbish at Adultery by Sophie Hannah
    • First Impressions
      • Understand her point of view
      • Feel sympathetic
      • She is angry and frustrated
      • She's known about it for a long time
      • She's willing to have him back
      • They're not very well matched
      • She uses short words
      • He feels guilty
      • Maybe she has experience with doing adultery
        • 'You're rubbish at adultery'
    • Rhyming Scheme
      • You become gradually aware of the rhyming scheme
        • The first major rhyme is in the second stanza
          • 'Kiss' and 'This'
      • Rhyming scheme makes her seem more childish
        • She's completely lost it
    • Development of poem
      • You only hear one person speaking
      • You don't hear the other person's reply, even though they are present


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