English Literature Poetry - Rubbish at Adultery

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  • Rubbish at Adultery
    • 'Rubbish at adultery'
      • paradox
    • 'Rubbish'
      • informal
    • 'Adultery'
      • unusual subject
    • 'whinge' 'whine'
      • alliteration
    • 'Must I give up anther night to hear you whinge and whine'
      • she doesn't care about how he feels
    • 'Fine'
      • she doesn't want commitment
    • 'I'd settle for a kiss'
      • just physical
    • 'Couldn't you, for an hour or so'
      • no strings attached; one night stand
    • 'Must I give up another night to hear you whinge and whine about how terribly grim you feel and what a dreadful swine you are?'
      • enjambment; makes it flow; ranting
    • 'Yes, I'm aware you're sensitive: a tortured, wounded soul'
      • patronising; doesn't take his problems seriously
    • 'You say fun takes its toll'
      • affair has lost excitement
    • 'You're rubbish at adultery'
      • dumping him; provoking him
    • 'quit'
      • sounds like a job
    • '****' 'git'
      • abusive and growing angrier
    • 'Diatribes'
      • rant
    • 'You're rubbish at adultery. I think you ought to quit. Trouble is, though, fidelity? You're just as **** at it'
      • he is useless


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