Peace and Justice

Notes on Religion, peace and justice for GCSE RS OCR B. Hope they are useful :)

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  • Peace and Justice
    • Holy war
      • Using physical violence to defend a religion.
      • The crusades - Christians wanting back control of the Holy Land from the Muslims.
      • Most Christian churches support Holy war however this has changed over the centuries.
    • Just war
      • Jus ad bellum - is it right to go to war?
      • Jus in bello - there must be good conduct in the war.
      • Jus post bellum - is peace well established?
      • Rules stating how war is carried out, all the conditions must be carried out for it to qualify as a just war.
      • These rules were developed by Cicero, Thomas Aquinas and Hugo Grotius.
    • Violence and Pacifism
      • Many people believe fighting is wrong, regardless of the reason or outcome. They are pacifists.
      • Christians pacifists argue agape (selfless love) means violence isn't acceptable.
      • Quakers are pacifists as they believe God is within every living being.
      • "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called the children of God."
      • "all who draw the sword will die by the sword."
      • Conscientious objectors won't join the armed forces because of their beliefs.
    • Justice and the aims of punishment.
      • Justice is a virtue.
      • "Anyone who does wrong will be repair for his wrong, and there is no favouritism." (Colossians)
      • Jesus said forgive "seventy times seven".
      • Aims of punishment: deterrence, protection, retribution, reformation.
        • Deterrence: deter people from commiting the crime again.
        • Protection: protect the society from harm.
        • Retribution: showing society the person has been punished.
        • Reformation: giving the criminal a chance at a better life.
      • Some Christians agree with capital punishment.
      • Others believe Jesus' teachings agape and forgiveness show life must be treated as sacred and it is never right to take a life as punishment.
    • Treatment of Criminals
      • People should be punished fairly, and when they ask for foregiveness should be granted it.
      • Jesus commands Christians to care for the weak and prisoners.
      • Elizabeth Fry (Quaker) worked to improve prisons.
      • Many Christians work with prisoners to help them lead better lives.
    • Social injustice
      • Poverty, racism, oppression, unfair imprisonment.
      • It is wrong, all life was created by God and is equally valued by God.
      • Some Christians help by working with charities.
      • Liberation Theology tries to make all equal. If a country acts against a people they should be opposed.


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