RS: Evil and suffering

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  • Causes of suffering
    • RS: Evil and Suffering
      • Solutions to the problem of evil and suffering
        • Biblical Solutions- Solutions from the bible
        • Theoretical Solutions to use theories to help solve the problem .
        • Practical Solutions that can be used in day to day life.  E.g. Prayer
      • Aspects of gods nature
        • Omnipotent- All- Powerful
        • Omniscient- All- Knowing
        • Omni-benevolent- All Loving
      • Reasons why Christians may question their faith or existence of god
        • If god is loving then it does not make sense that he causes evil and suffering to innocent people.
        • If god is not benevolent or omnipotent then it undermines Christianity which is based on having a loving god and he was powerful enough to create the world.
      • Ways Christians respond to suffering
        • Christians may respond by praying experiencing suffering encourages them to pray. It allows a more meaningful relationship with god.
        • They might give charity. Some Christians believe that without evil and suffering there would be no opportunity for charity. In the parable of the sheep and goats it says that those who fed and helped the sick will go to heaven and those who didn't will be punished
      • 'The presence of suffering in the world raises problems for Christians'
        • Agree: Some Christians might believe this because the might question the existence of God. They might also agree with this because suffering can cause pain to people and this might lead people to do bad things.
        • Disagree: Other Christians might disagree with this because they believe that god is loving and they know that god would not want any harm to come to them. In  the bible it says: 'God sent his only son into this world so we can live through him.'
          • The strongest argument is disagree because Christians know that God will protect them and they know that Jesus was sent to show Christians the right path.
    • Murder
    • Free will
    • Earthquakes


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