RS- Crime and Punishment

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  • RS- Crime and Punishment
    • Deterrence
      • Definition- Putting someone off. Discouraging people from committing crime through harsh punishments.
      • Examples: Capital/Corporate punishment
    • Reformation
      • Definition- Changing a criminal's attitude towards crime by giving them a second chance at life.
      • Examples- Prisons, community centers etc.
    • Retribution
      • Definition-  Getting s criminal to give up one of their rights to equate for the cost of a crime.
      • Examples- Blood money, corporate/capital punishment.
    • Key Quotes
      • "An eye for an eye" (Exodus 21:23-25
      • "And as for the thief, male or female, cut off their hands... as a way of example" (Quran 5:38)


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