The Power Struggle 1924-1929

The Power Struggle and what happened

I apologise for any spelling mistakes and if it's difficult to read but i tried to just keep to the key information

plus the 3 political spectrums are at the top too just in case, I found it useful anyway

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  • Round 1: Stalin ahead on points
    • Round 2: Stalindodges a mighty blow
      • Round 3: Trotsky on the ropes
        • Round 4: The left Fight
          • Round 5: Knock out blow for the Left
            • Round 6: Knock out blow for the Right
              • 1929: Bukharin found himself out voted by Stalin's supporters, combined by supporters on the left who supported the anti-NEP.
              • Stalin turned against NEP and attacked Bukharin on the right.
              • 1928-1919
            • Policy Socialism on pone country was highly popular.
            • 1925: Stalin and Bikharin 'teamed up' against Zonoviev & Kamanev
              • 1926: alliance of Kamenev, Zonoviev and Trotsky accused of fractionism as they appealed to other workers and tried to do a demonstrative strike.
                • 1927: Zonoviev, Trotsky & Kamenev expelled from the party
            • 1925-1927
          • Zinoviev & Kamanev moujht vicious campaign against Trotsky questioning his loyalty and raising opposition to Lenin in 1917. Trotsky retaiatd with October Revolution
            • Stalin effecyively turned the Left Wing against ach other in order to illiminate his opposition.
          • Stalin did not compete with this debate, instead strengethening his power base.
          • Zinoviev and LKamenev allowed Stalin to bring more of his supportres into key positions as they still felt Trotsky was a threat.
        • Zinoviev, Kamenev & Stalin V.S. Trotsky
        • Trotsky criricised the party for being Beurocraticand less Democratic
        • Trotsky easily defeated in votes as the majority of the congress were Stalinist delegates (power of patronage)
        • Trotsky could have appealed to supporters outside the party, but had voted for a ban on fractions and did not want to split the party.
      • Lenin's testament was revealed to the Central Committee 1924, Zinoview and Kamenev urged that it was not publicaly publishe.
        • Did not compliment Zinoviev or Kamenev due to the 1917 Revolution
        • Negative about Stalin, if it had been published, it would have resulted in Dtalin's downfall politicaly, mistakingly thinking Stalin was no real threat.
        • Trotsky was seen as a treat and becuase he did not oppose or want to get involved he did not take the upper hand advantage of Lenin's testament
    • Stalin tricked Trostcky into not going to Lenin's funeral by telling him the wrong date/time, damaging his reputation and political prestige.
    • Stalin made an incredible speech at Lenin's funeral, depicting himself as carrying on Lenin's work and being his 'right hand man'
    • 1924


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