'Round Midnight- Miles Davis

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  • 'Round Midnight- Miles Davies
    • Context
      • Recorded 10 September 1956 in New York
      • Columbia Records
      • From 'Round About Midnight
      • Melody written by Thelonius Monk
    • Instruments
      • Trumpet: Miles Davis
      • Tenor Saxophone: John Coltrane
      • Piano: Red Garland
      • String Bass: Paul Chambers
      • Drum Kit: Philly Joe Jones
    • Structure and features
      • Introduction: 8 bars
        • Intro has whole band playing.
        • Davis' muted trumpet plays almost sequential melody, 2 beat rhythm played 3 times, bass leading harmonic rhythm.
        • Piano, bass and drums take over with offbeat semiquaver rhythm grouped in ones and twos, double time
      • Chorus 1: 32 bars
        • Back to feeling of 2, several sections in double time; combines straight and shuffle rhythms
        • Trumpet still muted, stem taken out; drums played with brushes
        • 4x8 bar phrases, AABA
      • Interlude: 4 bars
        • Piano plays alone, before all instruments join in playing straight rhythmic stabs, homophonic, polyrhythmic
      • Chorus 2: 32 bars
        • Tenor sax solo, more virtuosic, develops melodic ideas through scalic patterns
        • Bass plays walking bass; whole drum kit used
      • Outro: 4 bars
        • Muted trumpet returns, tenor sax plays counter-melody underneath
        • Back in 2 time; drum uses stick on cymbal brush on drum


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