Rotter - Locus of control

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  • Rotter
    • Aim:
      • To investigate the INTERNAL and EXTERNAL locus of control.
    • Methodology:
      • A REVIEW article.
    • Sample:
      • 6 pieces of research into INDIVIDUAL PERCEPTIONS of ability to CONTROL outcomes based on reinforcement.
    • Findings:
      • Participants who were given CONTROL over situations were more likely to show behaviours that would enable them to COPE with potential THREATS, when compared with participants who thought that CHANCE or NON-CONTROLLABLE forces controlled their behaviour.
    • Conclusions:
      • Rotter concluded that an individual's LOCUS OF CONTROL would affect many behaviours.
    • INTERNAL locus of control - MORE LIKELY to adopt a health behaviour because they believe they are in CONTROL of their lives.
      • EXTERNAL locus of control - More likely to NOT adopt a health behaviour, because they believe EXTERNAL FORCES are in control of their lives.


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