Rosenhan (1973) Evaluation

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  • Rosenhan (1973) Evaluation
    • Ethics
      • No right to withdraw
        • Help to get the patients out by debriefing hospital staff
          • No consent given by hospital staff
      • No consent given by hospital staff
      • Invasion of privacy
      • Deception
    • Sample and Sampling method
      • high generalisability
      • genuine staff and patients
      • Good variety of hospitals
      • ethnocentric
    • research method
      • low control over extraneous variables
        • reduce demand characteristic
      • Low levels of replicability
      • observers can lose objectivity
    • Quantitative and qualitative data
      • verbalization from genuine patients and staff
      • how long pseudopatients spent inside with patients
    • Usefulness
      • Shows the validity of diagnosing mental health is low


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