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  • Aim
    • To see if the DSM can work out the difference between sane and insane people
    • Rosenhan (1973) - On Being Sane in Insane Places
      • Sample
        • 8 pseudo-patients
          • 1 graduate
          • 3 psychologists
          • 1 pediatrician
          • 1 painter
          • 2 housewives
        • 5 male, 3 female
      • Procedure 1
        • 12 hospitals in 5 states
        • Pseudo patients rang hospital asking for appointment
          • Said they were hearing voices. They were unclear but they seemed to be saying 'empty', 'hollow' or 'thud'
            • 7 were diagnosed with schizophrenia in remission
              • Hospitalised - stayed in for 7-52 days - average 19 days
                • Pseudos acted 'normally', responded to staff and other patients, made notes on observations, reported no more symptoms, asked staff when discharge would be likely
                  • 35/118 real patients were suspicious of pseudo patients
      • Procedure 2
        • Told would be visited by one or more pseudo patients in next 3 months
          • asked to rate the likelihood of them being a pseudopatient on a 10-point scale
            • 193 patients entered, none were pseudo
              • 41 - high confidence to be pseudo by at least one staff member
              • 23 - considered suspect by at least one psychiatrist
              • 19 - thought to be pseudo by one psychiatrist and one staff member
      • Evaluation
        • Even though Rosenhan said DSM was invalid and unreliable, hospitals did the right thing to monitor them
        • Small sample -  hard to generalise
        • Used a variety of hospitals which represents the US
        • Good ecological validity - field experiment so natural setting
          • Normal for a hospital to diagnose people who are hearing voices - isn't artificial
        • Standardised procedure
          • All 8 people acted in the same way, said same on phone, same symptoms, how they behaved after - can be replicated and tested for reliability
        • Deception about illness - cause stress to staff




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