Rosenham Evaluative Issues

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  • Rosenham - Evaluative Issues:
    • Reliability
      • Internal Reliability: The study had high internal reliability due to standardized procedure of admission and making contact with staff
      • External Reliability: high due to length of study.
    • Control: There was a high level of control  in all parts of the study, standardized procedure.
    • Data Collected: : In this study they collected both Quantative and Qualative data, for example they collected experiences of the pesudo patients (Qualitative) and the amount of days they spent in the hospitals etc.. which was Quantative.
    • Ethics: Rosenham broke several of the ethical guidelines including: Consent, Deception and Right  to withdraw also protection from harm.
    • Ethnocentrism: The study is ethnocentric due to the fact that it was only conducted in USA
    • Nature Vs Nuture: This study suggests that nature and nuture can be big factors in a persona psychological well being for example being labelled with a mental condition.
    • Reductions vs Holism: I believe this study agrees more with the holism arguement and that behaviour is down to a great deal of factors including social and personal
    • Usefullness:  Research can be used to a certain extend but does highlight that diagnosis procedure are not completley accurate
    • Applications: The findings led to a review of diagonsis and symptons spottingin hopsital admissions.


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