Root Tip Squash - Core Practical

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  • Root Tip Squash
    • Experimental Procedure
      • growing garlic tip, cut off 10mm
        • Soak in HCl - break down cell walls
          • wash with distilled water - get rid of acid
            • place 2mm of rounded end of root on to glass slide
              • stain in
                • macerate it - tip of needle or end of tweezers
                  • cover with cover slide, gently squash
                    • view under microscope
    • Aim
      • To demonstrate MITOSIS in growing roots
    • Safety considerations
      • stain could get into eyes
        • wear googles
      • knife could cut you
        • always cut away from yourself
        • cut on tile
      • stain could get onto clothes
        • wear a lab coat
    • Chemicals or anything else
      • Aretic Orcein
      • Toluidine blue
  • view under microscope


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